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While international concern for establishing genetically stable, hormone free sustainable food supply makes our work here at Noa Fisheries a hot topic of conversation, we’re often the first brush with aquaponics for many of our media contacts.

Though we've garnered some media coverage, as highlighted below , we know we're just beginning our media relations journey and we''re continuing to work towards providing as much background information with relevant links and resources as possible to help you create the story your audience wants to hear.

You'll find elements of our downloadable media kit with additional components to be made available (as journalists ask for them) through this page in the near future; alternatively you may request a printed kit be mailed to your media outlet.

While our schedules are quite busy between the care, management and delivery of our hobby and commercial Tilapia strains – we do try to accommodate media requests for interviews when we can – as education is as important to our operations as production. However, during some periods in operation, time constraints may limit our availability to brief phone and Skype interviews. 

 To arrange an interview, please fill in the form below or call during regular business hours.


Upcoming Edmonton Workshop (September 8th, 9th & 10th - 2014)


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