Your fish are guaranteed to arrive alive.  Noa Fisheries is not responsible for negligence on behalf of the purchaser, poor water quality, or parcel shipment delays while in transit due to adverse weather conditions. Acclimatization procedures will be sent prior to shipping.

Your fish will be shipped via Air Canada Cargo if shipped within Canada. For shipping to US, Mexico, Carribean Islands and other countries we will arrange transport to the airport closest to you.

Prior to shipping, we will confirm the shipping date and the name, address and phone number of the person picking up. The flight will then be booked and you will receive an email with the air waybill number and flight details.

Please arrive at the cargo pick up location with a photo ID. It will take approximately one hour after the flight lands for the fish to be delivered to the cargo office.

All invoices must be paid in full prior to shipping.

Your fingerlings will be carefully placed in sealed double bags that contain water and pure oxygen. The fish can live in these bags for up to 30 hours. The bags are then packaged inside a double insulated box. Heat packs will be added when necessary.

In the very unlikely event that your fish do not arrive alive, you must Email a picture within 2 hours after delivery. Official delivery time is the time and date stamp recorded by the courier at time of delivery. We are not responsible for fish that were not picked up promptly from the airport. We will replace and/or refund the cost for any fish lost in transit. Shipping costs are non-refundable and the buyer is responsible for paying shipping for replacement fish. We do send overs to account for minor losses during transit and because of our successful shipping rates, overs usually mean extra fish for you.